Fish Park at Wat Khoi Temple
Fish Park at  Wat Khoi


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Amphoe Pho Thong, Ang Thong



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The fish at WatKhoi have flourished for 50 years, since the time of then-abbot PhrakhruSukitwichan (LuangphoKhem).  Later in 1985, PhrakhruSorakitchaton, the present abbot, oversaw renovations, and with the help of the Amphoe Pho Thong Fisheries office, declared the temple area a fish sanctuary.At present, over 50,000 fish, ranging from carp to gourami, reside in the waters near the temple. Fish foodis available for visitors who wish to feed the fish.

In addition, the temple itself contains an ancient Thai-style teak hall built on eight-angle pillars. Here, many types of antiques are displayed, such as Chinese sculling boats, Thai-style gondolas and more. Aquaculture and agriculture equipment, antiques such as vintage clocks and lamps from abroad, as well as furniture are also on show.

The fish sanctuary and temple are located at Noi River, Mu 1, Tambon Pho Rang Nok, 12 kilometers from Ang Thong province.  Take Ang Thong - Wiset Chai Chan route, on Highway No. 3151 Km 27-28. Turn right at the signboard of the Fish Park at Wat Khoi to take a shortcut along an irrigation canal for approximately 2.3 kilometers. 

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