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Ang Thong

The locals of Ban Phae are renowned for their production of drums, a tradition that began in 1927 and continues to this day. Typically, when the agricultural harvest season ends, farmers turn from growingcrops to drum production, and as a result, many shops on both sides of the main road pop up seasonally.Locals use cowhide and rain tree wood, due to the softness of the wood. At the drum-making villages, visitors can observe the production process, beginning with lathing the wood, treating the sheets of cowhide and all the way to embedding the pins. The beautiful drums make great souvenirs. In addition, the largest drum in the world (3.7 meters wide by 7.6 meters long) can be seen in front of the Tambon chief’s home. The drum was built in 1994 and took one year to complete. The drum-making villages are located in Tambon Ekkarat, behind Pa Mok market on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River.  To get there, take the inner road passing Amphoe Pa Mok Municipality Office running parallel to the irrigation canal for approximately 17 kilometers. 

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