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The Don Chedi Monument, located in Tambon Don Chedi, comprises two sites dedicated to King Naresuan the Great’s victory over Burmese forces. One is a royal monument erected in honor of the Siamese victory, whilst the other is a pagoda, or Chedi, enshrining relics. It is chronicled that in 1592, King Naresuan the Great defeated Phra Maha Upparacha, leader of the Burmese army, in a fierce royal duel on elephant-back. As a result, Siam regained its sovereignty and freed itself from the Burmese occupiers.

The Royal Thai Army renovated the pagoda in 1952 and built a new pagoda over the ancient one. The new pagoda is 66 meters high and 36 meters wide. His Majesty the King presided over the worshipping and opening ceremony on 25 January 1959. It is now traditional to celebrate Royal Thai Army day on January 25 at the monument. Approximately 100 meters away, people also flock to worship the statues of King Naresuan the Great and his elder sister Phra Suphankanlaya in a shrine in the compound.


This monument is located in Tambon Don Chedi, on Highway 322, 31 kilometers from downtown Suphan Buri. It is open for visitors at all times.

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