Doi Mae Salong Mountain (Doi)

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Amphoe Mae Fa Luang, Chiang Rai



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Set in the picturesque and serene hill, Doi Mae Salong was once the community of Santi Khiri, the Chinese 93rd Divisions who escaped from the political tension in Burma in 1961. Today, Doi Mae Salong has become one of the main tourist attractions in Chiang Rai, offering the succulent native Chinese cuisine, lovely houses with flowers and many plantations from fruits to coffee and tea while there are still many tribes living there. If you wish to come at the peak of the full bloom of the scenic sakuras that you enjoy while trekking, visit during December to January and there are many accommodations in small hotels and guesthouses.

How to get there: Use the Chiang Rai-Mae Chan Route and drive for about 29 kilometers then make a left turn for about 41 kilometers and you must pass a hot spring. On your way back, you can take the Routes No. 1234 and 1130 which will pass the villages of Yao and Akha tribes. Otherwise, take the Route No. 1089 to Tha Thon which is about 45 kilometers and you will find many resorts located at the starting point of Kok River.

Opening hours: Daily 8am-5pm

Contact: 053-717-433


How to get there

By Car

To reach Doi Mae Salong, take the Chiang Rai-Mae Chan route for 29 kilometers, then turn left and proceed for another 41 kilometers (passing a hot spring). The return trip can be taken on routes nos. 1234 and 1130 which wind through Yao and Akha hill tribe villages. From Doi Mae Salong a road leads to Tha Thon, the starting point for the Kok River cruise, a distance of 45 kilometers.

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