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Address : ตำบลเจ็ดเสมียน อำเภอโพธาราม จังหวัดราชบุรี 70120

Telephone : 0 3239 7668, 08 1831 7041 , 0 3239 7015

Operating day : All Day

Operating time : 08.00 - 18.00

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The popular market next to the railway station which was once a district called “Chet Samian district” has been relocated to Photaram sub-district in Photaram district since 1895.King Rama V used to visit this ancient market in 1888. When he visited Sai Yok, he once stated that “Chet Samian is very large full of shady trees and there are many boat vendors stopping by. Chet Samian House is popular among poets as they often want to come write poems here.”During Nine Armies’ War, King Rama I wrote a long poem reciting Burmese warships at Din Daeng. He composed a poem when his troop arrived at Chet Samian sub-district describing how he had suffered so many days before arriving at Chet Samian sub-district and that was why he rushed here before the sun set. There used to be two big mimosa trees near the Klong River making the trading point between ground and boat merchants. One-storey building covered with thatch roof became a temporary residence. When the town had been developed, two-storey building was replaced the old one and mimosa trees were cut down. The flea market moved closer to the railway station. This new market has become a trading area for people of both sides.Chet Samian Market used to open five days a week during the period of the waning moon. Later, Chet Samian Market became less crowded place. However, the morning market still existed every 3rd  day, 8th, 13th of the waning moon. Nowadays, Chet Samian community, Chet Samian temple and Suan Sin Ban Din (Patarawadee Theatre) have revived this market with help from Khun Jamrus (Kru Nai) and Khun Lek (Patarawadee Meechuthon) organizing All About Arts event (supporting art of the country) on every last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the month. 

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