Cheng Hieng Tua Vegetarian House
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Address : Tha Chalom subdistrict, Muang district,  Samut Sakorn province

Operating day : All Day

Operating time : 08.00 - 16.00

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Samut Sakhon

Cheng Hieng Tua Vegetarian House is located at Tha Chalom subdistrict, Muang district, Samut Sakorn province. There is no evidence to prove the year it was built. People only know that it was once a small shack with dried palm leaves roof. As when people earned more money from their businesses, they donated their money to renovate the shrine until it has become a vegetarian house at present.According to the history of this vegetarian house, in the past, many Chinese people migrated to Thailand. Many Chinese settled down at Tha Chalom area which is connected to Tha Cheen river which flows to the gulf of Thailand. Therefore, many trasing junks from China always ported here for trading business. Chinese people were also familiar with this city as it is one of the cities they stayed once they visited Thailand. After Chinese people settled down, they gathered themselves in order to build a Chinese shrine. Originally, the objective of building this Chinese shrine is to use for meeting and celebrating while the vegetarian house becomes where Chinese people observe religious precepts. Those who are interested to worship Chinese gods and goddesses, to eat vegetarian food and to observe percepts, can visit the shrine every day from 08.00 – 16.00. Furthermore, every year, if you visit the place in October, there is an annual 10-day vegetarian festival which people eats vegetarian food and observes percepts. Samut Sakorn municipality is most aware of this festival and provides a festival which tourists can worship 9 shrines and have vegetarian food. This shrine is one of the nine shrines in the list. For those who have questions or need further information, please call 0 3449 8498, 08 7060 5671. 

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