Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial and Boat Museum Museums, Landmarks and Memorials

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The Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial celebrates the lives of the famous conjoined twins, Chang and Eng, who brought much renown to Thailand. Statues of the brothers stand in the middle of an expansive ground, surrounded by trees and flowers. A pond nearby gives the memorial a pleasant air.

A hall features the biography of Chang and Eng, who are SamutSongkhram natives. Born in 1811, the twins met an American trader who brought them on a sailing voyage to the United States, where they were met by a fascinated public. They died at 63 years of age, having made their nationality, Siamese, synonymous with their condition. In addition, the hall has an area set aside for a boat museum. On display is a variety of local boats to illustrate the nearby Mae Klong River’s inhabitants way of life.

The memorial and boat museum are located in TambonLatYai on Ekkachai Road, around 4 kilometers from City Hall.


The museum is open on weekdays from 8.00 am-4.00 pm and on weekends from 8.00 am-12.00 pm. Admission is 15 baht. For more information, call 0 3471 1333.

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around 4 km from City Hall.

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