Ban Na Kraseng Rattan Handicrafts and Native Woven Fabric Gr Village, Community, Art & Craft Centres

08.00 - 18.00

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Amphoe Tha Li, Loei



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This local group of craftsmen has long produced high-quality rattan furniture items and beautifully woven clothes. It was an initial of a local family who started doing their craftwork and expanded their works to other neighbors after their products became widely known and always in demand. Visitors are welcome to observe the making process and grab some favorite items back home.

Opening hours: 8am-6pm

Contact: 081-975-8133, 089-840-9371 or 17

Getting there: Take Loei - Tha Li Road for 47 kilometers and turn right to Ban Ahi for 9 kilometers then turn right for another 5 kilometers towards Ban Na Kraseng.


How to get there

By Car

take the Loei-Tha Li road for 47 kilometers. Upon reaching the District, turn right to Ban Ahi and proceed for 9 kilometers. Then turn right again and proceed for another 5 kilometers towards Ban Na Kraseng.

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