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Nakhon Si Thammarat

Baan Tan Khun Ratwut Vicharn Baan Tan Khun Ratwut Vicharn Suesarn Tamnan narrates the story of Tan Khun or Lord Ratwut Wicharn in the building, which is over 108 years lingered with vintage atmosphere. It also has beautiful handicrafts, local food and impressive souvenirs.On 15th December 1912, Mr. Khen Malayanon was granted the rank from the King to be Khun Ratwut Wicharn, the district chief of Klai city and held over 1,280,000 square meter land. Mr. Khen Malayanon was a son or Mr. Malai and Mrs. Somjeenmalayanon. He was married to Miss Pun Chakmanon, daughter of Mr. Kung and Mrs. Srikin Chakmanon. Mrs. Pun and Khun Ratwut Wicharn did not have any child so they gave this land and house to Mr. Kovit Trisattayapan who was the nephew and the edlest child of Mrs. Chan, the elder sister of Mrs. Pun. Later, Mr. Kovit Trisattayapan opened the school called “Ratwut Wittaya” and later changed into “Nakorn Wittaya” school in 1939. It was closed in 1986.In 1993, Mr. Samrarn Trisattayapan, the eldest nephew of Mr. Kovit Trisattayapan and Mrs. Nattasut Trisattayapan, and his wife renovated and developed the house into a well-furnished as the historical building for later generations and tourists. So they can observe the beauty of 108-year-old Panya style house.Nowadays, the house and land belong to Mr. Samrarn Trisattayapan’s family who is the owner and care taker.The interested tourist can visit this house of Khun Tan Ratwut Wicharn every day. It is open from 8.00-20.00 hours. For more information, please visit 

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