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Achan Wan Uttamo Museum -


Phu Pha Lek, Amphoe Song Dao, Sakon Nakhon

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Located in a two-storey marble building inside a temple (Wat ThamPhuang, also called Wat Aphai DamrongTham), this museum is dedicated to the widely respected monk, Achan Wan Uttamo. The ground floor features paintings depicting the story of the monk’s birth and his life. The second floor houses a life-like statue of the monk in seated meditation. Offerings lie nearby. There is also a display of the holy monk’s eight “requisites” (monks’ necessities).

Nearby is a cave, Tham Phuang, where a large Buddha statue is enshrined.


To get there, from Sakon Nakhon town, follow Highway No. 22 (SakonNakhon – Udon Thani) for approximately 84 kilometers to AmphoeSawangDaen Din and turn left toward Amphoe Song Dao. At the Vessantara or Wetsandon Roundabout, turn right for about 5 kilometers to Wat ThamPhuang, the temple where the museum is located.

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