Chulalongkorn University Book Center
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Siam Square


+66 2 255 4433


+66 2 255 4433

Chulalongkon University Bookshop is one of the units in the University which is one of the Thai people’s favorite book-shop. It is one of the major book-shop with the maximum variety of Thai & International languages books and media that provide reasonable information to customers as well as to the publishers. It runs itself and its business in the form of private enterprise. It doesn’t look for the maximum profit but it runs just to compete with the international market. The bookshop is the University’s service unit that has the policy and stability to make Thai people better in quality, become more aggressive to learn and make use of the knowledge for personal and public development.
Currently, the book-shop has more than 300 staff working under the supervision of Ms. Uraiwan Konwithaya. It is the center of academic progression, advance in all means, complete source of Thai and International languages books of over 100,000 items including CDs, VCDs, advance Education media & equipments at reasonable price and online enquiry center to search all the books fastly and conveniently.

Address :

Siam Square

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Siam Square Station

5 minutes walk from MBK

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