Where to Eat

Where to eat

Not only variety of Thailand food but also diverse categories of restaurant that Thailand has to offer. They are different in style, layouts, and locations. To make it simple, let’s look at the list below to learn more about your scrumptious choices.

International restaurants such as Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants Vietnamese Restaurant
Fast food restaurants, delivery restaurants are often franchise store from overseas such as those selling fired chicken, hamburger, pizza, etc.
Ready-to-eat Thai food restaurants prepare many courses for eating with rice depending on customers’ selections. Popular dishes are curries, stir-fired, clear soup, fried, and spicy salad.
Made-to-order restaurants is a unique Thai food culture that cook a dish upon customer’s pick from a menu. The dishes are normally easy and take fleeting time to cook such as, fried, stir-fried, salad or single dish meal like fried rice or stir-fried noodle.
Single dish meal restaurants offer a specific dish in the menu such as, chicken and rice, stewed pork leg with rice, barbeque pork with rice, Thai vermicelli, and noodles.
Street food in Thailand are normally seen in on the roadside. Customers can eat on spot or take home. 
Food centers in department stores require coupon or cash card for buying the food.
Buffet restaurants where you can have all you can eat at a specific prize. Japanese or grill restaurants normally offer this choice of meal.


There are many more choices you can indulge your taste buds with their uniqueness. However, one thing you can be sure is that you can find the meal you wish for no matter it is the familiar or adventurous one. Check them out now!


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