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Diners World Travel Pte Ltd
Diners World Travel Pte Ltd

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Mr Robert Koh


7500E Beach Road #02-201 The Plaza Singapore 199595


+65 6294 5544


+65 6291 5884


Diners World Travel subsequently re-organized in 1984 to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Diners Club, which in turn is owned by Johan Holdings Berhad, a Malaysian conglomerate with diversified interests. Today, Diners World Travel has grown in its range of services to meet the varied needs of its clientele. Its staff of 80 can handle not only air-ticketing, leisure outbound tours, but also incentive, convention and event planning.

Diners World Travel achieved a major milestone in it's journey towards business excellence with the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) award. We achieved a double distinction of being the first travel agency to receive the
SQC award and the ISO 9001:2000 certification from Spring Singapore.
As travellers become more experienced and sophisticated, they expect more efficient, personal and value-added services .Quality has become one of the ways to win over these discerning travellers and the SQC award provides the key to be the Best of the Best.

Diners World Travel has consistently been awarded the Annual Excellent Service Award (EXSA ) since 1997 for the delivery of quality service to customers. Todate 59 staff members had already won the individual awards for the Gold and Silver category. This is in recognition of the excellent performance of the service staff to encourage and spur them to greater heights.

Organised by PSB, the award is administered by 6 industries from the service sector namely the airport, attractions, hotels, restaurants, retail and travel agents.

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