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Thai Furniture:Alongside Bali, Thailand has become a top destination for those looking for custom made and pre-made furniture. Both rattan and rosewood are particularly popular, as are antique pieces. At the MBK Center in Bangkok and at various locations around Chiang Mai, Thai furniture can be purchased or custom ordered by dealers knowledgeable in shipping such products overseas. For more distinctly Thai styles and more reasonable prices, furniture shoppers need to travel to more remote provinces, such as Tak.Thai Ceramics:Thai ceramics, both uniquely Thai in origin and of Chinese influence, have long been a part of Thai artistic culture. Consequently, Thai ceramics are highly sought after by shoppers who recognize the high quality and affordable prices of these distinctly Thai products. Both traditional and contemporary designs are available, as are custom made pieces. Green celadon and five colored celadon from the Sukhothai area (known as Benjarong) are especially popular with ceramics aficionados. Thai ceramics include vases, lamp bases, souvenir articles, and dinner and tea sets.