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From: 1 February 2014 To: 28 February 2014
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The 29th ASEAN Barred Ground Dove Festival
February 28,2014 - March 2,2014

Venue: Khwan Mueang Park, Mueang District, Yala Thai people in Yala love the sweet cooing sound of doves and believe that the birds bring good luck to the owners. Those birds with qualities specified by ancient texts ar...

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Fairs & Festivals

February 14,2014 - February 16,2014

Venue : Rama VI Army Camp, Petchburi province During the season of love, the Tourism Authority of Thailand cordially invites you to Bikelentine, the event in which all bike-riding couples’ hearts be filled with de...

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Straw Bird Fest and Chainat Red Cross Fair
Straw Bird Fest and Chainat Red Cross Fair(Suphanburi)

Fairs & Festivals

February 7,2014 - February 16,2014

Straw bird parade, straw bird model contest which the category is divided in Hi-Tech straw bird and beautiful straw bird, Building the giant straw bird model competition by various professions and the small straw bird mo...

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NakhonSawan Chinese New Year
NakhonSawan Chinese New Year(Nakhon Sawan)

Fairs & Festivals

January 24,2014 - February 4,2014

Chinese New Festival in NakhonSawan is a grand celebration full of excitement throughout 11-day-periodof the festival. The festivities are held in honour of Chao Poh Pak Nam Pho. The procession comes with spectacular acr...

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Chiang Mai Fest 2014
Chiang Mai Fest 2014(Chiang Mai)

Fairs & Festivals

February 1,2014 - February 2,2014

Venue : Promenada Resort Mall, Chiang Mai The difference of the festival is the carefully selected artists to perform at the festival. They have to be real good and entertaining. As we expect the audience to enjoy ...

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Suphanburi Chinese New Year Festival
Suphanburi Chinese New Year Festival(Suphanburi)

Fairs & Festivals

January 29,2014 - February 2,2014

Dragon Descendants Museum, SuphanburiProvince The festival will be held in front of the Museum of the Descendants of the Dragon in SuphanBuri.  The program during the event is including the Chinese cultural perform...

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Phuket Chinese New Year Festival
Phuket Chinese New Year Festival(Phuket)

Fairs & Festivals

February 7,2014 - February 9,2014

There are many highlight activities during the festival including the cultural performance with colourful presentations of local culture, tradition and way of life on the tropical island paradise of Phuket. Moreover, vis...

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Hatyai Chinese New Year Festival
Hatyai Chinese New Year Festival(Songkhla)

Fairs & Festivals

January 31,2014 - February 5,2014

The famous highlights in the ceremony includea spectacular fireworks and light-and-sound show with colorful bursts of fireworks taking the shape of waterfalls, silver dragon and golden dragon, the concerts from popular l...

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Chinese New Year Festival
Chinese New Year Festival(Bangkok)

Fairs & Festivals

January 31,2014 - February 1,2014

Venue: Chinatown on Yaowarat Road, Bangkok Chinese New Year is widely celebrated in Chinatown on Yaowarat Road, one of the most famous roads in Bangkok often referred to as the Golden Road and the Land of the Siamese Dr...

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Nakornpathom’s Food and FruitFair 2014
Nakornpathom’s Food and FruitFair 2014(Nakhon Pathom)

Food & Drink,Travel & Lifestyle

January 31,2014 - February 6,2014

Food, Fruit and industrial good booths, entertainment activities, Chinese dishes for special price at PhrapathomChedi, Muang, Nakornpathom province 

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