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Phu Ruea National Park
Phu Ruea National Park


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Category : Mountain (Doi), National Parks & Marine Reserves

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Phu Ruea National Park, also known as the coldest place in Thailand, covers part of Phu Ruea and Tha Li Districts, Loei. It is bordered to the north by Laos and encompasses 120.84 square kilometres of land. It has a mountain called Phu Ruea, which resembles a ship or a junk that is docked on the top of a mountain. It features rocks of different colours. Some rocks look as if they were artificially, not naturally, made and they are locally known as “Kwan Samo”. From Phu Ruea, you will see huge biodiverse forests and both small and large mountains surrounding Phu Ruea with a foggy atmosphere. 


The park is dominated by mountainous terrain with sandstone and granite mountains and has numerous plateaus. The highest point is Phu Ruea with a height of 1,365 metres above sea level. Other major peaks include Phu San with a height of 1,035 metres above sea level and Phu Ku, which is 1,000 metres high above sea level. In addition, the park is where the headwaters of various streams and rivers such as the Huai Nam Dan, the Huai Bong, the Huai Kiang Na, the Huai Sai Khao, the Huai Tio and the Huai Phai are located. Furthermore, the park possesses a beautiful waterfall known as Huai Phai Waterfall.


Since the park is located on mountains in Loei, Thailand’s coldest province, the weather here is cold all year round. In the cold season, it is so cold that frozen dew drops are found on grass and leaves, locally known as “Mae Khaning”. Therefore, visitors are recommended to prepare themselves for the cold weather.

Flora and fauna

The park contains different types of forest including mixed deciduous forest, dry dipterocarp forest, tropical rain forest and pine forest. On the top of Phu Ruea are pine forest, small bushes and grasslands. Plants found in the park include wild roses, mosses, ferns and beautiful orchids which grow on trees and rocks and will bloom one after another throughout a year. In addition, the park is home to various kinds of animals, for example, bears, barking deer, sambar deer, wild boars, dholes, monkeys, black giant squirrels, Siamese firebacks, reg junglefowls, Burmese hares, impressed tortoises, big-headed turtles and varieties of beautiful birds which will migrate from China to the park in the cold season of every year.   

Major attractions

1.Pha Lon Noi

2.Phu Ruea Peak

3.Pha Sam Thong, also known as Pha Kulap Khao

4.Huai Phai Waterfall

5.Suan Hin Pali

6.Tham Sai

How to get here

The park is located about 48 kilometres from Loei Town. To get here by car, use Highway 203. When you reach the Phu Ruea District Office, you will see another road with the park’s sign, which will be on your right if you drive here from Loei but will be on the left side if you drive here from Petchsbun. Turn onto that road and drive another four kilometres before arriving at the Phu Ruea National Park Office. While driving in the park, please drive carefully because roads passes through mountainous terrain. 

Alternatively, you can get here by using public transport. There are direct bus services from Bangkok Mo Chit Terminal to Phu Ruea Town. Then continue your journey by taking a songthaeo to the park.       


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How to get there :

By Other

From the centre of Mueang Loei, take Highway No. 203, the Loei – Phu Ruea route for approximately 54 kilometres and turn right at Km. 49-50 at the Phu Ruea District Office and go further for approximately 4 kilometres. It can be accessible by car and cont

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