Thailand Latest Feature from 2015-06-23 to 2015-06-25 Thailand Latest Feature 2003-2012 Tourism Authority of Thailand TAT_RSS Generator Thailand Latest Feature Amazing Thailand 99 150 Thailand Muslim Friendly Destination TAT Banner Tue, 23 Jun 2015 Thainess alert! TAT Banner Thu, 25 Jun 2015 Thailand Muslim Friendly Destination <p> Thailand Muslim Friendly Destination Application by Tourism Authority of Thailand.&nbsp;</p> <div> It provides mobile searching tool for halal restaurants, masjids and hotels in Thailand that were carefully selected for Muslim around the world. The application has many useful functions such as searching nearby location, providing detail of places and map navigation. The user can save their favourite places into personal list. Additionally, the application can run in a guidebook in offline mode which the user can gain access to the information they need in the area where the internet access is limited.&nbsp;</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div style="text-align: center;"> <img alt="" src="/fileadmin/upload_img/Home_news/halal_new.jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 600px;" /></div> <div style="text-align: center;"> &nbsp;</div> <div style="text-align: center;"> <img alt="" src="/fileadmin/upload_img/Home_news/halal_02.jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 524px;" /></div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> Experience more wonderful things in Thailand for Muslim with Thailand Muslim Friendly Destination Application.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> Download Application</div> <div> IOS:&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=""></a></div> <div> Android:&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=";hl=en">;hl=en</a></div> TAT What's new Tue, 23 Jun 2015 PODIUM REWARD AFTER TOUGH SILVERSTONE <p style="text-align: center;"> <img alt="" src="/fileadmin/upload_img/Home_news/Pasin_02(1).jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 399px;" /></p> <p> It proved to be a tough weekend for Pasin Lathouras as International GT Open visited Silverstone Circuit for the third round of the year, the 21-year-old Thai driver having to work hard and overcome issues to keep his championship challenge on track.</p> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> However Pasin and team mate Michele Rugolo in the #51 AF Corse Ferrari 458 GT3 eventually salvaged two decent points scoring finishes and also made a much-deserved trip to the podium at the end of Race 1.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div style="text-align: center;"> <img alt="" src="/fileadmin/upload_img/Home_news/Pasin_03(1).jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 398px;" /></div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> It could have been a lot less rewarding though and the 18 points they scored from the weekend keeps them in the championship hunt, albeit they have slipped off the top spot.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> The pair arrived at Silverstone as the championship leaders, although the margin was just 1 point, but the weekend started on the backfoot when the #51 car lost almost all the running of the first free practice session. That was however counterbalanced as Pasin and Michele topped the timesheets in the second free session.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> After the first qualifying session, which decided the grid for Race 1, the #51 car lined up on fourth row, not the start the drivers had wanted but still solidly placed.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> Pasin started the race and quickly made up places to hand over to Michele with the car well positioned to push for a podium finish. The Italian got into an intense battle with the cars in front and after some very good driving had made it to P3 by the time the checkered flag came out.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> That gave Pasin and Michele their fourth podium finish from five races &ndash; but with the McLaren 650S of Parente and Ramos winning the race, it pushed them off the top spot in the championship classification.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div style="text-align: center;"> <img alt="" src="/fileadmin/upload_img/Home_news/Pasin_04(1).jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 452px;" /></div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> A better qualifying session for Race 2 saw the #51 car on the front row of the grid and Michele started, securing his P2 behind the pole-sitting Ferrari of Phil Keen. Try as he might the Italian couldn&rsquo;t get past the car in front but both started to pull out a gap on P3, even if the #51 car was losing time.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> It remained that way until the mid race pitstops when both cars came in together to change drivers.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> That&rsquo;s when it went wrong for the #51 car, just as Pasin was strapped in. Apart from their extra stationary &lsquo;success&rsquo; time penalty, the car wouldn&rsquo;t restart and further time was lost.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> And that was just the beginning of the troubles as there were immediate gearbox problems and software issues that knocked out the Traction Control. As Pasin returned to the race having lost a lot of time he was left &lsquo;in the dark&rsquo; driving the car manually without key electronics, including the gearshift indicator light, to help him. He also had the try to preserve the gearbox.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> With the team very concerned that the car wouldn&rsquo;t make the finishline Pasin&rsquo;s priority was to nurse the gearbox. After the pitstop shakeup he settled into P6 and superbly managed the gap to the car behind, keeping his time loss per lap to a minimum despite going back to basics and driving in &lsquo;manual mode&rsquo;.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> Pasin made it to the finish in P6, which ensured that he didn&rsquo;t loose too many points. However Pasin and Michele, now on 75 points, drop to fourth in the championship, albeit only 11 points off the top of the classification.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> Pasin Lathouras: &nbsp;&ldquo;Tricky weekend for sure but in the first race we made a good run to regain places and get up to the podium. In the second race Michele did a really good drive from the start but we had some problems in the pitstop when I took over and the car wouldn&rsquo;t restart. When we finally got it going we had problem with gearbox and also had problem with traction control, and so I had to drive with manual mode while trying to conserve the gearbox at the same time as I didn&rsquo;t have electronics to help me with the gear change and the auto blip. The important thing was to finish the race and score some points and that&rsquo;s what we did so I&rsquo;m happy with the result.&rdquo;</div> TAT What's new Thu, 25 Jun 2015