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Attractions Phrae

Option in Phrae, Thailand

Phrae has a variety of attractions, including a number of national parks and many old temples and teak mansions. Visitors with varied interests are bound to find something to keep them entertained on their Phrae holiday, particularly those interested in the outdoors or Thai culture and history. The following are some of the most popular attractions on Phrae:

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Phraya Chaiyabun Memorial

Governor of the town during 1897-1902, Phraya Chaiyabun was slain by rebelling Shan tribesmen after he refused to give over the town to them. After the rebellion was killed by government troops, King ...

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Phae Mueang Phi

One of Thailand's amazing natural wonders, Phae Mueang Phi is a tree-less area you will find a eerie beauty of soil erosion and subsidence, creating different shapes and forms---some of which were for...

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