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Food & Drink Phang Nga

Option in Phang Nga, Thailand

As with most tourist destinations, Phang Nga has restaurants providing both Thai and international cuisine. However, Thai food in the south varies slightly from cuisine in central and northern Thailand. Known for its incredible spiciness, Southern Thai recipes have strong influences from Malay, Indonesian and Indian cuisines as these groups have played a historic role in the region. Dishes representative of these influences include Massaman, an Indian-style Muslim curry, and Khanom Jeen, rice noodles in fish curry sauce.Seafood is also one of the dominating influences on Phang Nga cuisine. Fresh fish and shellfish are typically on display outside beachfront restaurants, where diners can select the fish they wish to eat and then order it served in a variety of ways, including grilled with a selection of spices.For regional specialties, Phang Nga’s Koh Panyi is famous for its Shrimp Paste and Takuapa for its Chinese-style baked cakes.

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Khrua Sunimit

Thai food restaurant in Tambon Tai Chang, Amphoe Mueang, Phang-nga

Cuisine : Thai, Thai
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Kafae Chai Khai

breakfast and coffee shop on Phetkasem Road, Amphoe Mueang, Phang-nga

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Ngo Meng Heng (Ban Mu)

Seafood restaurant by the river, enjoy the several menus of fresh seafoods in yummy taste.

Cuisine : Thai, Thai
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