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Attractions Narathiwat

Option in Narathiwat, Thailand

Although one of the quieter tourist destinations in Thailand, Narathiwat has man attractions, including land of stunning natural beauty, some important religious and historical sites, and charming fishing villages. The following are some of the most popular attractions in Narathiwat:

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Hat Narathat

This white-powdered sandy beach stretching for 5 kilometers is located near the estuary of the Bang Nara River, where the annual Korlae boat races are held. The beach is naturally decorated with dense...

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Koh Yao

The island is located close to Wat Chon Thara Singhe. From Tak Bai District Market intersection, there is a 345-meter long wooden bridge spanning Tak Bai River to Koh Yao. The islands attraction is it...

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Chat Warin Waterfall

Chat Warin Waterfall is at Tambon To Teng, not too far from town. Take Highway No. 4056 to Su-ngai Padi Hospital, then turn left for 6 kms. The entrance is a good asphalt road in Budo-Su-ngai Padi Nat...

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