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Attractions Nakhon Sawan

Option in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand

Nakhon Sawan features many natural and cultural attractions, including beautiful temples, and some outstanding wildlife. The following are some of the most popular attractions on Nakhon Sawan:

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Wat Chom Khiri Nat Phrot

Legend says that when rival Burmese forces sacked the ancient Ayutthaya kingdom for the second time, their leaders constructed this temple to profess a commonality with their foes: their Buddhist fait...

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Wat Tham Phon Sawan

A bubbling brook and a man-made waterfall in the cave behind Wat Tham Phon Sawan is often a relief. Buddha images and other structures in the second section of the cave add to the peaceful ambience. P...

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Siriwatanawisut Temple

Siriwatanawisut Temple owes its distinctive shape – the shape of a royal ship - to its being the first and only personal temple of Thai royal HRH Princess GalyaniVadhana. Ornamental details evok...

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