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Wat Prataat Lumpang Luang

Wat Prataat Lumpang Luang

The charm of Lumpang can be found in the peaceful ambience and a trace of cultural the integration between Thailand and Myanmar. Over a hundred years ago, Burmese (Myanmar) investors or “Nai Hang” came to Thailand and prospered in the timber industry. Also being faithful Buddhists, they built a great number of “Jang” or Burmese temples that can still be seen in Lumpang today. Jang are uniquely built with delicately carved teakwood and prominent Victorian artistic style. If you are looking for a place where you can meditate and find peace, Lumpang is definitely your destination. For nature lovers, the province of Lumpang is a gateway to rich forest abundant with ecological diversity. The town is located quite high above sea level so the climate is all year long cool and pleasant. Today, Lumpang still does well in preserving its natural resources; national parks and waterfalls are still intact, away from the influence of modern technology.

Prataat Lumpang Luang protects those born in the year of the rabbit according to Chinese astrology. A prominent landmark of Lumpang situated on a plain, the temple shines gloriously from afar and houses Pra Gade.

Enter the wall-less image hall and pay respects to Pra Jao Lantong, the most revered Lanna Buddha image. Visit Prataat Hua Glub, one of the most famous wonders of the province and a highlight of the Unseen in Thailand project. This spectacle can be viewed in Wihaan Praputtabat (sorry, no female visitors allowed) and Wihan Praput.

Wat Prataat Lumpang Luang is in Lumpang Luang Sub district, Koh Kaa District, Lumpang.