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Wat Prataat Chang Kham

Wat Prataat Chang Kham

Originally built in the Phya Pookeng reign and called Wat Luang Glang Wiang, the 600-year-old temple acts like a city pillar for the people of Naan. A rare statue of the walking Buddha with real gold can be found inside the image hall along with a number of Sukothai Buddha statues in the Buddhist library.

Situated on Suriyapong Road, Pa Sing, Mueng District, Naan, the principle chedi of the temple comprises a gilded upper portion supported by a square base around which are the forequarters of 24 elephants – six to a side. In Buddhist cosmology this represents the structure of Mount Meru, the central world-mountain whose base is supported by elephants.

A hand-carved wooden Buddha statue and the black ivory insignia of the fifth Naan ruler are the unique symbols of Naan province.