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Wat Poomin, Naan

Wat Poomin, Naan

Naan is a small province that used to have its own identity in the Lanna area. A range of mountains and thick forest was a formidable barrier preventing the outside world from entering this area.

The fascination of this province is not only the civilization but also the culture and the people that are closely bound to Buddhism. It can be clearly seen from many temples that were built in this province especially in the city area. There are many temples on both sides of the road and many families that are waiting to welcome visitors.

Wat Poomin (Poomin Temple) is like the signature of Naan. It is where four Buddha images were enshrined. Inside the temple the light is muted, only a little sunshine can penetrate through the walls and reflects with the blue-red wall paintings. The wall paintings of Poomin Temple show the biography of the Buddha and Thai literature, which has many doctrines for Buddhism. All the paintings are very beautiful and look lifelike.

Behind the temple, there are also small museums and souvenir shops for the visitors to stop by for some souvenirs.