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Wat Muen Ngern Kong

Wat Muen Ngern Kong

Wat Muen Ngern Kong was named after Muen Ngern Kong a soldier in the service of King Kue Na. It is said that he invited Sotontaera monks from Sukothai to come and spread Buddhism to Chiang Mai.

The Buddha image in this temple was said to help bring back lost money. It is told that Muen Ngern Kong once prayed to get his lost money back and later on, he got it back.

The most fascinating thing about Wat Muen Ngern Kong is the hall. It was built by Lanna artisans. Even though this hall is small, it is decorated with carved wood in a pattern of trees and many gold mirrors.

The temple is located at Sam Larn Road, Tambol Pra Singh, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai.

In addition, if visitors have enough time, they should also stop to worship more Buddha images in Chiang Mai and visit old temples starting from Wat Prasingh to Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Pantao.

Chiang Mai is popular for its coffee shops since they can be found in profusion all over the city. For example, Arkar Armar has Arabika coffee brought from Chiang Rai. Another shop is called Ker Wa coffee shop which means gems, this shop has very delicious desserts.

If the visitors want to look for souvenirs they should go to Baan Tawai, where there is silver ware, weaved cloth and many carved wood items for sale.