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Wat Chiangmun, Chiang Mai

Wat Chiangmun, Chiang Mai

Wat Chiangmun is one of the most respected temples of the Lanna people who believe that long life and good fortune will be brought upon those faithful who pay the temple a visit. This place of worship is believed have been built by Phya Mungrai and the name signifies the security and stability of the town. Wat Chiangmun is situated on Rachapakinai Road, Sripoom Sub district, Mueng District, Chiangmai.

Inside the temple area, the place is clean, serene, and ideal for meditation or quiet reflection. Relish the breathtaking Lanna artistry and chedi Chang Lom covered with gold leaf, one of a few that can be found in Chiang Mai. Pay respects to “Pra Setang Kamanee”, a Buddha image made of precious white quartz stone, and the Buddha image in the pose of a Narakiri elephant, the representative of the relationship between India and Lanna in the past.