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Wat Chiang Yuen, Chiang Mai

Wat Chiang Yuen, Chiang Mai

Built outside the city wall by Phya Mungrai, Wat Chiang Yuen represents long life and the endurance as the name suggests. All of the ancient kings of Chiang Mai visited and paid respects to the Omniscient Buddha here before entering the city through Chang Puek Gate. Originally the temple was named “Wat Teekacheewitsaram” which means the temple of long life. Held sacred by every local; the rite of prolonging life was generally performed here. The temple is on Maneenopparat Road, Sripoom Sub district, Mueng District, Chiangmai.

The principle image of Wat Chiang Yuen, the Omniscient Buddha, is today set in an octagon-shaped image hall where the atmosphere and the hint of Myanmar artistry of the Kongbong reign are still much preserved. Tourists are recommended to visit in early April and participate in the annual bathing of Prataat.