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Wat Sriubolrattanaram

Wat Sriubolrattanaram

This temple was formerly called Wat Sri Thong. The temple grounds are full of trees that make the atmosphere very shady. The hall is believed to imitate the one at Wat Benjamaborpit in Bangkok. Inside the hall, there is a Pra Kaew Busarakum and a Buddha image that made with topaz. According to the legend, this Buddha image was brought from Vientiane, Laos.

Inside the temple is the old wooden sermon hall. Within the old sermon hall is a museum that display antiques such as printed cloths, the pipe used for sprinkling water on the Buddha image, old pictures and many carved Buddha images.

Apart from Pra Kaew Busarakum, there are also many other important Buddha images such as Pra Tip Nate which made during the reign of King Rama III (1824 to 1851). And Pra Putthongtip, which was received from Vientiane in 1866.

This temple used to be the location where the oath of allegiance drinking ceremony was held.

Wat Sriubolrattanaram is situated at the southern side of the Council Hall on Upparat Road.