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Wat Sa Tue, Ayudhya

Wat Sa Tue, Ayudhya

Wish for luck from the Buddha image in a temple where the air is always filled with prayers

Though the name is not too familiar, Wat Sa Tue of Ta Rua district is very well-known among locals of Ayudhya province. The giant reclining Buddha image of the temple is held sacred and often grants the wishes of those faithful Buddhists who come to pray.

This Buddha image was built by Somdej Toh in 1870. Originally, the temple, built in the Ayudhya period, was called Wat Taa-Ngam but later it was changed to Wat Sa Tue since there was a huge Sa Tue tree growing on the riverbank in front of the temple. The serenity and peacefulness inside the temple helps sooth weary minds. A traditional parade of tom-tom is often seen in the area of the temple when one’s wish is granted by the sacred reclining Buddha image.

What to eat:

Various kinds of Thai traditional desserts are available in the temple area, the most outstanding being saai tong rolled wafer where an aromatic traditional rolled wafer is made freshly and openly for visitors to see.

Gin Look Diaw Restaurant offers general dishes but with extraordinary taste. Highlights include roasted river prawns with spicy seafood dipping, papaya salad with prawn, rice vermicelli with boiled eggs, deep fried snake-head fish with herbs, and noodle-less Pad Thai. Drive on Nakornluang-Tarua road and turn right at Nakornluang junction. Go straight for about three km. and the place is on the right corner.

Loong Muan Restaurant is situated in Talad Mai on Nakornluang-Tarua road. All of the dishes including freshwater fish come highly recommended.

Tip: It is believed that making a vow with rice vermicelli and boiled eggs as an offering will guarantee that your wish will come true.