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Wat Ratchaburana

Wat Ratchaburana

Admire Golden Royal Regalia in the prang (tower)

The layout of the temple boundary of Wat Ratchaburana and Wat Mahathat is nearly alike. Wat Ratchaburana , however, is in better condition. Numerous golden Royal Regalia can be found inside its prang crypt.


Wat Ratchaburana is located just opposite to Wat Mahathat. After visiting Wat Mahathat, tourists simply cross Naresuan road to reach it.


After the death of King Intharachathirat in 1424 AD, his two sons, Chao Aye Pharya the ruler of Suphanburi and Chao Yi Phraya the ruler of Phraek Sriracha or Sanburi, fought over the succession to the throne. The battle resulted in the death of the two brothers in front of Wat Chao Sam Pharya.

A third son ruling over Chainat came to Ayutthaya and ordered a royal funeral. Wat Rachaburana was built at the site of the cremation according to his wishes.


A tall laterite main prang stands on a square platform surrounded by four chedis situated at the four cardinal directions. There is a stair to the prang on the east side. This is considered as Thai prang style due to its high platform, whereas Khmer style tends to use a lower platform. A large porch protrudes to be a grotto in front of the prang. Unlike the Khmer style, this corn-cob shaped prang is adorned by tipped spears at the top. Besides these construction elements, Khmer prang, often called prasart, were built for housing Hindu deities, whilst the Thai prang is for Buddhist relics and Buddha images.

Golden Buddha images as well as regalia were kept in the prang vault until thieves stole the valuable items in 1956 AD . Only some treasures were left and currently they are housed in the room of Wat Ratchaburana's golden items in Chao Sam Phraya Museum.