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Wat Rat Upatum

Wat Rat Upatum

Originally called Wat Bang Riang, Wat Rat Upatum is one of the most aged temples situated at the top of Lan Mountain of Tub Pood District. The temple can be reached by taking Tub Pood road, Panom District, Surat Thani.

It is told that in 1910, the temple was built to the east side of Marui Canal. However, the temple was hard to reach since people needed to wade into the canal to get to the temple and the river bank was constantly eroded by the water. As a result, “Por Tan Gate”, the monk dean at the time, with a number of villagers, rebuilt the temple at the current location.

“Pramahatat Chedi Puttatambunlue” is an important permanent structure of the temple. Still, there are also many other highly revered Buddhist sculptures placed in the open area of the temple; a chedi decorated with mural, the statue of Guan Yin Goddess, and Pra Putta-Uttimongkonchai Nakprok; the guardian of the Southern people.

On Magha Puja Day (the full moon of the third month), faithful Buddhists in the area will participate in the annual religious ceremony called “Ngarn Hompaa Pramahatat Chediputtatumbunlue”. People will make merit and perform many religious rituals for good fortune and prosperity. The custom, has been practiced for centuries, reflects the strong faith and belief of Surat Thani people.