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Wat Puttaisawan

Wat Puttaisawan

This temple was built during the Ayudhya Kingdom by King Oo-Thong. Wat Puttaisawan is one of the oldest temples surviving from this time. It is one of the five main stupas of the Ayudhya Kingdom. Wat Puttaisawan is a big temple and perfectly preserved together with the culture of the villagers at the bank of Chaopraya River. It can be found at Tambol Rasome, Amphur Pachee, Pranakornsriayudhya.

Here, visitors can worship the Buddha image and if they are lucky enough they will be able to watch the sword fighting tactics of the Sword School of Wat Puttaisawan. Inside the temple, there is also a wall painting of Praputta Kosajarn during his visit to Sri Lanka. The wall painting was created by Ayudhya artists. Beside the temple, there is a star-like shape belfry, which is the invention of the artisans of that time. Wat Puttaisawan is popular for their Jatukam. This temple has clean restrooms to facilitate visitors.