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Wat Pramahatad Woramahaviharn

Wat Pramahatad Woramahaviharn

Pay respects to the Buddha’s relics at Amphur Muang

Apart from being the location where the Buddha’s relics are enshrined, Wat Pramahatad is also the place where statues of the Kattukam and Rammatep kings are kept. This is an ancient temple with a delicate structure. It has been maintained by the Ayudhya Kings and the Rattanakosin reign. There are many sacred sites around the temple such as Pra Viharn Luang, which shows the architecture style during the Ayudhya reign, Viharn Sam Jom, Viharn Tup Kaset, Viharn Kian, Viharn Polangka and the Viharn Pramahapinetkrom or Viharn Pra Song Mah worshipped by many people.

Having a chance to pay respects to the Buddha’s relics is something a Buddhist should be proud of. It is believed that whoever comes to worship Buddha’s relics will receive happiness and success in every aspect of their lives. Additionally, the people who venerate Jatukam Ramathep also come here to pay respects to the statues of the Kattukam and Rammatep kings in the Viharn Pra Song Mah. It is believed that their virtues are very powerful compared like the sun and the moon that wash away the darkness. People who respect both of them will have their wishes fulfilled and have good fortune.