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Wat Prakaew Dontao

Wat Prakaew Dontao

Wat Prakaew Dontao is outstanding for its ancient Lanna-style chedi. The myth has it that a senior monk found a huge piece of emerald in a watermelon offered by a Miss Suchada and had the gem carved into an exquisite Buddha statue. The statue was in the temple for 32 years before being transferred to Prataat Lumpang Luang.

Another prominent architectural wonder of this temple is the Burmese Victorian palace, which was built in wood according to Burmese artistry but decorated with Victorian-style carvings and paintings. Wat Prakaew Dontao is on Prakaew Road, Wiang Nue, Mueng District, Lampang.

Horse carriages are the symbol of Lumpang and can generally be seen everywhere in the province since they are preserved by the local tourism authority to attract visitors. Horse carriages are in service everyday with a 150-500 baht fee for a trip around town or 300 baht an hour. Fall in love with ancient houses decorated with gorgeous perforated design and the local lifestyles of the old market. The horse carriage terminal is in front of the old city hall.

Pay a visit to Ratsada market or talad hua kua, the biggest and most crowded morning marketplace offering all kinds of tasty local dishes and filled with the beautiful local language. Taste the intense aroma and flavor of Yunnan noodle at Kao Soi Islam.

Next, move to the old market; the old port turned riverside market, which was very popular in the reign of King Rama V (1868 -1910). The area has been inhabited by foreign merchants, especially Chinese, for a very long time and the old houses are very much preserved. In the evening, the atmosphere is filled with delicate local hymns, folk songs, and the tantalizing aroma from northern food.

Favorite souvenirs are tribal handicrafts. The Taktai I-din shop provides a variety of t-shirts, postcards, and wooden postcards. Pong is a restaurant where Thai vermicelli is offered with various curries. Lumpang art gallery exhibits old photos and art pieces.