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Wat Pra Non Jaksri Worawihan, Singhburi

Wat Pra Non Jaksri Worawihan, Singhburi

Pray for luck and happiness, and your wish will be granted when a cannonball flower falls in front of you.

Pay respects and glaze a gold leaf on the biggest Buddha image in the lying posture of Wat Pra Non Jaksri Worawihan. Be stunned and astonished by the beauty and the size of the image called Prab Asurintarahoo which is a striking 47.4 meters long from head to toe. The legend has it that the Buddha image was created in the Ayudhya era. It was restored in the reign of King Rama V. Pra Non Jaksri Worawihan is revered highly by Singhburi inhabitants and Thai people in general. Every day, Thais from all over the country come to visit and pay respects to the image. Glazing the image with gold leaf is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

Outside of the image hall is a huge cannonball tree, a species considered historically important in Buddhism. The tree blossoms abundantly all year long with its big, beautiful, pink flowers. Locals believe that the tree is sacred and possesses the power of fortune telling. If a cannonball flower falls in front of the person who is praying, it is said that the prayer will be answered.

What to eat: Snake-head fish is particularly famous in Singhburi. A restaurant called Mae La Pla Pao is greatly admired by people with recommended dishes like roasted fish and fish chili paste.

Call 036 512 431 for more information.

Tips: The annual gold-leaf glazing event of Wat Pra Non Jaksri Worawihan is held on the 7th or 8th of October. The occasion is considered one of the biggest events in the province.