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Wat Pra Barommataat

Wat Pra Barommataat

Wat Pra Barommataat is a much revered and loved temple originating in the kingdom of Sri Vichai and Taam Pornlink where the Jatukam Ramtep originated. Pay respects to the Lanka-style chedi with surrounding elephants held the most sacred by southern people and the huge image hall built in the rare Mook Prajerd style.

The temple contains a number of famous Buddha images. Pra Puai is one believed to grant children to the childless. Once the baby is born, its photo will be given as an offering to the image so it will be blessed and protected.

Pra Add or the White Sangkadchai is believed to be able to heal backache. Those in pain are asked to support the back of the statue with a stick and the back pain is believed to be miraculously gone. Prataat Rai Ngao (Shadow-less Chedi) is believed to produce no shadow and Jatukam Ramtep is the local guardian of the late Lanka community. The temple also has a small museum where valuable antiques from the Sri Vichai Era are displayed.

Wat Pra Barommataat is located in Nai Mueng, Mueng District, Nakorn Sritammarat.