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Wat Po Chai

Wat Po Chai

Don’t miss visiting Pra Sai, the most respected and sacred Buddha statue of Wat Po Chai. Originally, there were three statues in total; Pra Sai, Pra Sook, and Pra Serm, located in Wiang Chan. When the Anuwong rebellion took place in the reign of King Rama III, the King ordered all the three statues to be transported to a safer place. On the way, Pra Sook accidentally sank in the Khong River. Pra Serm was taken to Wat Patumwanaram by King Rama IV. The cart that carried Pra Sai, however, broke down in front of Wat Po Chai and, believing it was some kinds of prophecy, the statue was placed there.

Wat Po Chai is situated in Nai Mueng Sub district, Mueng District, Nongkai.

Tourists are encouraged to visit in April around the Songkran Festival. Pra Sai is annually bathed in scented water and paraded around the town. The festival draws a massive number of people each year.