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Wat Mahatad, Kalasin

Wat Mahatad, Kalasin

Wat Mahatad is situated at the heart of Kalasin province, 19 kilometers away from the city. It is where the sacred Pra Mahatad, the 1,000-year-old stupa, is located. This stupa was built during the time when the northeastern people began to accept Buddhism, so it is considered the very first Buddhist religious site in Thailand. This eight cubic stupa is eight meters high and has been restored three times. The foundation is built in the Dhavaravati style, while the body was built in the Lan Xang style. There are boundary stones around this stupa that show the boundary markers of a temple.

Nearby tourist attraction

Wat Pochai Saemaram (Wat Ban Gom) is where the boundary sandstones can been seen. There are paintings of the life of the Buddha such as a picture of Pimpapilab, using her hair to wipe the Buddha’s feet. The most suitable time to visit this temple is from April to May when there is a rocket festival.