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Wat Hin Mhak Peng

Wat Hin Mhak Peng

With a serene and pleasant atmosphere, Wat Hin Mhak Peng is considered a suitable place for meditating and practicing Dharma. If visitors have plenty of time, they can come here to meditate and regain their composure. People who are interested can telephone 042 421 409 for more information

Wat Hin Mhak Peng is situated at Tambol Praputtabat, Amphur Srichiangmai, Nongkai.

There are also other interesting temples such as Wat Pratad Bungpuan, where visitors can see the old stupa in the Lan Xang style. After that do not forget to visit Sattamahastan Jamlong, which is where it is believed the Buddha stayed after his enlightenment. During the end of the Buddhist lent, there is also a firework festival here at Amphur Ponepisai.

There are many delicious restaurants near Wat Hin Mhak Peng such as Dang Restaurant who have sold pork sausages and Vietnamese food for more than 40 years. Fah Mai restaurant, Racha restaurant, Mae Tuan restaurant are also popular eateries.

Cheap Chinese appliances are sold at the Indochina market at the Mekong River Road. Coffee from Laos also can be found here at Nongkai.