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Viharnra Sien

Viharnra Sien

Viharnra Sien is a masterpiece of Ajarn Sa-Nga Kulkobkiat. The image hall was built in the Chinese style. Inside are enshrined many carved statues of gods and Chinese masters. All of them are set out in the Taoist style. Viharnra Sien is located at Tambol Huay Yai, Amphur Banglamoong, Chonburi. Viharnra Sien copied the throne hall of the Chinese Emperor and displays many antiques that were gifts from the Chinese government such as a baked clay carriage from the Qin Emperor and many old Buddha images.

It is open daily from 8 am to 7 pm, 50 baht entrance fee. For more information, please contact 038-238-367. Have a great day and don’t forget your camera!

Visitors should also stop by at Suan Nongnut (Nongnut Garden) where there are many rare tropical plants especially palm and ferns. In addition, there is the Sanctuary of the Truth, the work of Lek Wiriyapun.

The wickerwork market at Amphur Panatnikom is also another interesting place to visit. Bamboo is made into different kinds of products such as baskets and betel boxes. At Arng Sila old market, visitors can soak up the traditional atmosphere and see old utensils such as mortars and pestles. At Plee harbor, there is a lot of fresh seafood at reasonable prices. Do not forget to buy sticky rice with coconut milk at Nhong Mon market; it is the most popular dessert of Chonburi. The market can be found at Sukhumvit Road, one kilometer away from Bang San beach.