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Vegetarian Festival, Phuket

Vegetarian Festival, Phuket

Visit the vegetarian festival and see the religious rites at Phuket.

The Jia Chai or a vegetarian diet is a long-standing practice. It is the celebration to begin good deeds where the faithful refrain from eating meat for nine days and nights.

There are five major rites associated with this tradition. The custom of parading the Chinese monk (Ew Keng), is made in order to gain good fortune. Each god posses a medium and is paraded around the city. The gods torment themselves by using knifes to jab in various parts of their bodies in order to show virtue. Another rite is inviting the gods (Lam Tao Pak Tao invitation) in order to make the people respect him and make good merit. The rites such as walking through fire and walking up a knife ladder are meant to show the purity and cleanness of the people’s hearts. On the night of the last day is the Song Pra rite where the villagers line the parade.


- Pad Mee Hokkian, fried Hokkian noodles, at Ton Poh Restaurant, clock tower circle, Phuket Road

- Kang Poo Bai Cha Plu, crab soup with wild betel leafbush, at Rayaa Restaurant, Deebuk Tadmai Road

- For coffee lovers, Rotee Taewnam Restaurant at Taew Nam junction, Tapkasatree Rd. has nice southern flat bread served with coffee.

Tips before travelling

The vegetarian festival is held from September until October.