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By far the easiest way to travel in Thailand is via air, as the distance covered by a one hour flight can take up to twelve hours by bus or train.  Furthermore, airline deregulation in the 1990’s led to an increase in the number of domestic air carriers, including both international and Thai airlines, led by Malaysian based-budget air carrier Thai AirAsia (FD).  These budget airlines frequently advertise special rates that offer round-trip airfare from Bangkok to most Thai airports for less than 2000 baht.

The most extensive air service within Thailand is provided by Thai Airways International (TG) and their budget partner Nok Air, while other Thai airlines, such as Orient Thai, PB Air, One-two-go, and SGA service destinations large and small throughout the kingdom.  Bangkok Airways (PG) is a self proclaimed “boutique” Thai airline that owns its own airports; it is based out of Sukhothai and has many flights to and from Koh Samui and Trat (Koh Chang).