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Self-drive Mae Hong Son Explorer
Self-drive Mae Hong Son Explorer

Trip Overview

Start : Chiang Mai
Finish : Chiang Mai
Recommended Duration : 5 days / 4 nights
Distance : 705 Km. (437 Miles)

North from Chiang Mai lies Mae Sa valley, the place of the famous orchid farm and elephant-working sites. Proceed to the activity center at Mae Taeng for rafting, elephant rides, hot springs and visits to hill tribe villages that dot the luscious hills. A must see in the trip are the hill tribe villages. Karen, Hmong, Lahu and Lisu hill tribe villages offer unique insights to the numerous cultures of northern Thailand. Out of all the tribes, the most unique are the long-necked Padaung tribe where you can witness their unique culture of putting brass rings around their necks. Mountain top pagodas and temples built high on majestic rolling hills offer stunning views over the valleys and towns.

  Travel Time
Travel Distance
Day 3 Mae Hong Son - Mae Hong Son 37 min. 44/27
  Total for Driving Routes 11 hr. 49 min. 705/437