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Self-drive Chiang Mai - Sukhothai Loop
Self-drive Chiang Mai - Sukhothai Loop

Trip Overview

Start : Chiang Mai
Finish : Chiang Mai
Recommended Duration : 6 days / 5 nights
Distance : 1088 Km. (674 Miles)

Starting in the northern capital, the route takes you south to explore the lower part of northern Thailand where the unique Lanna culture and architecture start to blend seamlessly with those of the central plains. The architecture, temples, and artifacts of Thailand’s northern civilizations of Lampang and Chiang Mai meets Khmer inspired ruins as you proceed further south. Scenic drives through woods and along river banks on the trip south are sure to be unforgettable while stopping at historical cities which were the cultural melting pots of the Kingdom in ancient times such as the ancient capital of Sukhothai and its outposts, Kamphaeng Phet and Si Satchanalai are not to be missed. Border markets in Mae Sot are abundant in gemstones and semi-precious stones while Tak offers hiking trails and breath-taking dams.

  Travel Time
Travel Distance
Day 1 Chiang Mai - Lampang 1 hr. 45 min. 130/81
Day 2 Lampang - Sukhothai 2 hr. 31 min. 186/115
Day 3 Sukhothai - Kamphaeng Phet - Mae Sot 2 hr. 52 min. 222/138
Day 4 Mae Sot - Mae Sot 16 min. 16/10
Day 5 Mae Sot - Tak 2 hr. 50 min. 208/129
Day 6 Tak - Chiang Mai 4 hr. 30 min. 326/202
  Total for Driving Routes 14 hr. 44 min. 1088/674