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Self-drive Tour North Thailand
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Day 3 : Mae Salong - Golden Triangle (Ban Sop Ruak). Travel Time
Travel Distance
Mae Salong - Golden Triangle (Ban Sop Ruak). 3 hr. 47 min. 238/147
Total for Driving Routes 3 hr. 47 min. 238/147

Mae Salong - Golden Triangle (Ban Sop Ruak).

Distance :238 Km (147 Miles)

Today you will leave Mae Salong and go on your way to the Golden Triangle (Ban Sop Ruak). The distance today will be about 95 kilometres. This is not really long, but there are many sights, so take your time for photo stops. In Mae Sai the road ends at the bridge that separates Thailand from Myanmar (Burma). The little town is a big market where all kinds of articles are sold, that have been imported from China. In Tachilek, at the Burmese side of the border, you can buy the same stuff at even lower prices. Furthermore there is also a market where semiprecious stones are sold; but anyway, beware of fakes! When you have finished "marketing", you can make nice trips by moped-rickshaw at the Burmese side of the border to the many sights of Tachilek. Finally, at the end of the afternoon, you will drive to the old little town of Chiang Saen, where you will stay overnight

Excursion 1: Thoed Thai to Mae Kham. The distance between Thoed Thai and Mae Kham is about 30 kilometres, of which 15 kilometres is unpaved track. The road goes to the border. You will pass through different small mountain villages. In this area the following hill tribes are living: Akha, Lahu, Lisu and Hmong. Very nice is Lalichi Waterfall. In November the sunflower fields are a beautful sight!

Excursion 2: Mae Fah Luang Botanical Gardens (open 08.00 - 18.00) are for sure worth to be seen. The Gardens are part of the Royal Palace of Doi Tung. In the palace you can get a guided tour, too and, amongst other things, see the Queen - Mother's room. Since after her death, everything in that room has been left untouched and thus you are only allowed to look into it through the window.

Mae Salong - Golden Triangle (Ban Sop Ruak).

Scenic Highlights

Rai Mae Fah Luang

Rai Mae Fah Luang(Chiang Rai)

Rai Mae Fah Luang is a cultural centre and centre of Lanna Studies dedicated to the conservation and...

Doi Tung Royal Villa)

Doi Tung Royal Villa)(Chiang Rai)

Doi Tung is located in Mae Fa Luang District and can be reached by taking Highway No.110 for about 4...

Mae Sai

Mae Sai(Chiang Rai)

Mae Sai which is about 62 kilometers from the provincial seat on Highway No. 110 is Thailand's north...

Chiang Saen

Chiang Saen(Chiang Rai)

An ancient town located on the bank of the Mekong River, Chiang Saen was originally called Wiang Hir...

Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle(Chiang Rai)

A trip to Chiang Rai province would not be complete without seeing the notorious Golden Triangle fir...