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Self-drive Tour North Thailand
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Day 2 : Doi Mae Salong Travel Time
Travel Distance
Doi Mae Salong 1 hr. 17 min. 81/50
Total for Driving Routes 1 hr. 17 min. 81/50

Doi Mae Salong

Distance :81 Km (50 Miles)

Continue your way through the Fang National Park. There is a hot spring, where you can enjoy a steam bath. You will find it along the new by-pass of Fang that starts just in front of the hotel. You will drive on to Thaton, a good spot for lunch. There are various small restaurants at the river Mae Kok. Then go to the direction of Doi Mae Salong. On your way to the small village of Mae Salong you will pass a local market where you will find all kinds of local products, which are mainly sold by the hill tribes. From Thaton (Road H1089) the climb to a mountain starts. You will stay overnight in a hotel in Mae Salong.

 Doi Mae Salong

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Doi Mae Salong

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