Tong Paa Poom Kanjanaburi

Kanchanaburi, Thailand’s third largest province located only 129 kilometers west of Bangkok, has many well-known historical sites, as well as hidden treasures in its jungles and mountainous terrain. Read more

Formerly called “Hin Sam Kong” (Three Heaps of Stone), the site serves as a border crossing between Thailand and Myanmar. Three Pagoda Pass is located beyond the Tenasserm range on the Thai–Myanmar border. Read more

There are several waterfalls and picturesque caves, especially Nang Kruan waterfall and Sao Hin cave where visitors can experience the natural wonder of the world’s tallest natural rock column. This trip can be a once in a lifetime experience to admire one of the world’s records which is actually in our home country. Read more

Thung Yai Naresuan and the adjoining Huai Kha Khaeng have been made a World Heritage Site covering 622,000 hectares. When the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary next door to the north is added in, close to 900,000 hectares of rich adjoining forests and prairie along the Myanmar border are protected. Read more

Tong Paa Poom truly sums up everything about the charm of the mountain and the bonds of Thai and Myanmar people. Read more

Stroll along the country’s longest Mon wooden bridge in Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi province. Read more

The dreamy mist and mountain ranges from Khao Khad

Tong Paa Poom truly sums up everything about the charm of the mountain and the bonds of Thai and Myanmar people. When the mist is thick, we can see E-Tong village, Hin Kong village, Nern Saotong, and the beautiful scenery of Burma. But when the sun is bright, not only the rich forest and scenic mountains can be seen, but also our very own Andaman Sea – the pearl of Thailand.

The beauty does not stop at the captivating scenery from afar. Nearby we can feel the cool and refreshing mist of Jokkradin Waterfall, a lovely fall visitors cannot afford to miss. Another outstanding attraction is the 15th kilometer viewpoint on Baanrai-E-Tong Road where we can absorb a stunning view of Kuen Kao Laem Reservoir, a place where beauty and practicality meets. Visit Tong Paa Poom in winter to taste the ultimate atmosphere of a thick curtain of mountain mist. The place is guaranteed to be refreshing and inexplicably romantic.

What to eat:

Order all kinds of freshwater fish newly caught when you are here; Asian redtail catfish, seven-striped barb, mekong giant catfish, clown knife fish, and tire track eel are all available. The recommended restaurant is an old one named Krua Chonnabot, situated on Saiyoke-Tong Paa Poom road. Drive passed a village before Paa Taad Waterfall and you will find the restaurant on the right of the bridge.


Jokkradin Waterfall can be reached only on foot in both the rainy season and summer. Slug prevention in the rainy season is essential.