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Ton Nam Pa Toh Forest

Ton Nam Pa Toh Forest

Come take in nature at Ton Nam Pa Toh Forest at Amphur Pa Toh

Ton Nam Pa Toh forest is surrounded by many thick forests, it is the water source of many orchards at Amphur Pa Toh area before joining the Choomporn River. There are many activities to do here such as hiking, canoeing, paddling in the streams and visiting the many waterfalls.

The forest in the Amphur Pa Toh area is the water resource of several rivers that flow from the mountains. Along both sides of the river are a number of deep forests alternating with orchards. Tourists can go rafting starting from Klong Tonnam, which is a very abundant wooded area and home to some rare animals such as dusky langur, monkey and hornbill. In addition, here you can see lots of durian, coffee and mangosteen gardens along the roadside. For those who love an adventure you can go hiking up to see Ton Nam Forest and camp overnight or ride an elephant.

Rafting is an activity that can be done all year but the best time is December to April since the water will be very clear and clean. At this time of the year, an annual rafting festival is held. This forest is also popular for the Bua Pood flower since it can be seen everywhere.


Rafting along the river and viewing the living Thai culture of the villagers.

During the dry season, the water level is low and the banks and rocks can be seen quite clearly. In the rainy season, the water turns into a dark red-brown color and is very deep. However, the rafts are very strong and stable so there is nothing to be afraid of. For those who want exciting rafting they can go to Kaeng Bok Fai, Kaeng Haew Bua Thong, Kaeng Haew Ta Wan, Kaeng Kuen Nam Won, Kaeng Hua Kalok, and Kaeng Hin Karng, which is around eleven kilometers long. Tourists who come to Pa Toh forest can stay at accommodation in the forest or home stay with the villagers such as at Baan Klong Rue Homestay, which was chosen by the Tourist Organization of Thailand to be one of the quality standards for home stay.


Ton Nam Pa Toh Forest, Tourist Club. Call: 077 520 075, 084 926 7007

Rafting and Canoeing at Pa Toh River and tent hire: contact the Pa Toh Municipal District at 077 539 072 or the Pa Toh District Administration Organization at 077 539 115.

Preservation rafting along Pa Toh river all year contact Malin Rafting Center at 077 539 053, 089 592 8376, 077 539 185, 081 797 3386.