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Three Pagodas Pass

Three Pagodas Pass

Three Pagodas Pass

Formerly called “Hin Sam Kong” (Three Heaps of Stone), the site serves as a border crossing between Thailand and Myanmar. Three Pagoda Pass is located beyond the Tenasserm range on the Thai–Myanmar border. The pass links the town of Sangkhla Buri in the north of Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand, to the town of Payathonsu in the south of Kayin State, Myanmar.

The Three Pagodas Pass was once a strategic military route during the Ayutthaya and early Ratanakosin eras. Nowadays, it has become the location of an active border market, Phaya Tong Su. Among the most sought-after products from both countries are woodcarvings, woven fabrics, redwood and furniture, as well as forest products. There are souvenir shops such as wooden furniture, tables and chairs, or even carpenter\'s planes. Purchasing wild orchids from the market is prohibited as they are protected by law.

The line of three white pagodas (chedis) are diminutive and similar to small stones in a row, they represent a primitive Thai belief that it is essential to have a spirit ancestor to worship. As both Thailand and Myanmar are forested at this spot, various wild plants, uncommon wild orchids in particular can be seen.

Entry to Myanmar is allowed from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m daily. Visitors should apply for an entry visa at the immigration office. There is a small charge. Once in Myanmar, tourists can visit “Wat Sao Roi Ton” (The Temple of Hundred Pillars) which is located only a few hundred meters away from the pass. They are however, required to strictly observe rules and regulations.

Location: eighteen kilometers from Sangkhla Buri