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The hall of butterflies and insects

The hall of butterflies and insects

A hall in a concrete forest where beautiful butterflies will enchant your heart

If you are a Bangkokian seeking a place not too far away to relax for the weekend, one special attraction that comes highly recommended is the hall of butterflies and insects. Nearby, are also two beautiful and soothing public parks called Wachira Benjatat Park (Suan Rod Fai) and Queen Sirikit Park where you can recharge your batteries under the pleasant shade of the trees.

The first thing you need to do at Suan Rod Fai, is rent a bicycle since cars are not allowed in the park. The hall of butterflies and insects is quite far from the entrance so a bike is really recommended. Bicycles in all sizes and colors are available in front of the park and the rental fee starts from 20 baht. The bigger the bike, the more expensive is the fee. Roads in Suan Rod Fai are one-way and you can take in the fresh air and the greenery rarely be found in Bangkok. Visiting here early in the morning is a plus since you can relish the morning view and see the sunrise in the park. Be careful not to ride pass the hall of butterflies and insects though; look for a giant dome with net cage on your left.

The hall of butterflies and insects houses over 500 insects from more than twenty species of butterflies and moths. The inside of the hall is presented in a natural setting composed of sparse forest, a pond, and a small waterfall. Posters with information about butterflies and insects are displayed throughout the hall.